Religious Education

"No colour, no nationality, no religion should come between us; we are all children of God."

Mother Teresa

Religious Education at Charlton House

At Charlton House, we teach Christian beliefs, as well as other faiths, as part of Religious Education which support and fulfil our school’s mission statement of “Love One Another”.

This statement embodies the mission of our school to educate the whole person in discerning the meaning of their existence, since Religious Education is concerned not only with intellectual knowledge, but what it is to be a good human being. Through our teaching, the mystery of what it is to be a good human truly becomes clear. At Charlton House, we have a multi-faith student body where diversity is recognised and celebrated.

We focus on common themes throughout the school and as a result our pupils experience a process which enables and supports their faith development. Our teaching of Religious Education builds on the skills of enquiry and effective communication that are also developed elsewhere in the curriculum.

All children participate in acts of worship through assemblies, class Masses, whole school Masses, praying together activities and prayer before meals and at the beginning and end of the day. Each class (Year R – Year 6) celebrates Mass with their families at least once through the academic year.

Father Michael Peters is our School Chaplain. He guides us spiritually in our everyday work and also provides wonderful pastoral support and care for the whole school community. All of our Masses and liturgies take place in our own school chapel.

Pupils are encouraged to understand the practical side of religion by involving themselves in charitable work in the local community and supporting various charities around the world.

Underlying all of our teaching and relationships within and beyond the School, lie the Gospel values of faith, love and willing service and underpin our mission statement.

Religious Education Intent