"We are not makers of history. We are made by history."

Martin Luther King Jr.

History at Charlton House

Subject Leader: Miss Richardson

From The Great Fire of London, to the Titanic. From the Mayans to the Stone Age. From learning all about the lives of the Egyptians, to the in-depth study of World War 1; our own estate here at Charlton House is steeped in history, whereat we bring history to life!

Immersion is a key factor in our History curriculum, to allow children to fully gain the knowledge and understanding to foster deeper thinking as they move up through the school. We encourage our pupils to ask the bigger questions, to look outwards and consider and discuss……were there any positive outcomes from The Great Fire of London? How has the weather changed the course of British History?

History is not a cut-and-dried subject in which we already know all there is to know. The Enquiry process is central to understanding how we know and how certain we can be about the past. It helps children appreciate history as an investigative discipline, a voyage of discovery into the lives and deeds of our ancestors.

A good understanding of chronology is important for our students to place new information into context and build upon their previous knowledge. In the lower years, we take on a hands-on approach wherever we can, and provide multi-sensory learning to create a sense of excitement, whilst higher up the school, our knowledge-based curriculum provides for depth and analytical thinking.

History Programmes of Study: Key Stage 1 and 2

History Curriculum Statement

History Long Term Plan

History Glossary

History Assessment KS1

History Assessment KS2