"Phonemic awareness lays the foundation for learning letters."

Lisa Adele

Phonics at Charlton House

Floppy’s Phonics provides our teachers with everything they need to teach your child the alphabetic code. This enables children to read, spell and write well, regardless of their individual needs and abilities.

Floppy’s Phonics is a rigorous systematic synthetic phonics programme which provides comprehensive multi-sensory resources to support learning in school and at home. Alongside teaching the letter-sound correspondences of the alphabetic code, Floppy’s Phonics enriches children’s vocabulary and develops their language comprehension. Letter-sound correspondences are introduced in a particular order and this enables the provision of cumulative sentences and texts for the children to practise with. Throughout each phonics session, children develop reading skills (print to sound), spelling skills (sound to print) and handwriting practise.

Lesson resources include display posters, reversible flashcards, sound books, decodable books, interactive activities and worksheets for each child to practise with and share at home. They are enhanced by illustrations featuring characters and themes from the Oxford Reading Tree series.

Floppy’s Phonics and the National Curriculum

The Alphabetic Code

Mini Alphabetic Code Charts

Floppy’s Phonics Mnemonics

Helpful Words List

Phonics Glossary

Year R Long Term Plan

Year R Lesson Sequence

Year 1 Long Term Plan

Year 1 Lesson Sequence