Charlton House Independent School Newsletter

Monday 16th May 2022

Dear Parents,

In this fourth week of Eastertime, the children have been reflecting on their responsibilities to be good friends. Over the week, they were challenged to explore the many ways in which one might show friendship to those close to us and those that are not directly in our lives. The tributes to the four recipients of our mission heart awards this week were heart-warming and just showed how very special all of the children here at Charlton House. 
In our collective worship on Monday we heard the Gospel from John  10 when Jesus says I am the good shepherd. I know my own and my own know me, This fantastic annimated film really brings this message to life. 

There is a lot to learn from this short passage.  Jesus makes it clear that he is the good shepherd, the one who takes care of the sheep; meaning us. When Jesus compares us to sheep, he is not paying us any compliments. Sheep aren’t the cleanest of animals, are they? Not only are sheep dirty, they are pretty daft too.  Sheep don’t think for themselves. They just follow other sheep who seem to be in charge. Sometimes we are so eager to fit in, to be cool or liked that we do or say things that other people do or say without even thinking about it. It is very important for us to think through our actions and words and even our beliefs. Sheep are also rather directionally challenged! If they wander off from the flock and shepherd, it’s hard, if not impossible, for them to get back on their own. The shepherd has to come and find them. This is what our good shepherd, Jesus, does with us when we start to wander away from him. He comes after us and carries us back to the fold, and then he celebrates that we are back in right relationship with him. 

 When we wander from the flock, when we stop going to church and spending time with other Christians, we have a harder time living like Jesus wants us to. We can’t protect ourselves from the dangers and temptations of the world. If we want to be like Jesus, which is what life is all about, then we need to spend time with Jesus and others who are learning to live like him. 

Dates for the diary:

23rd May – Parent’s Evening

26th May – House Treat 

27th May – Last day of Summer 1 and the Queen’s Jubilee Party

30th – 3rd May Half Term

15th June – Mental Heath Training Day

21st June – Sports Day (pm)

22nd June – Year 2/3 trip to City Farm

28th June – Trip to Wimbledon (UKS2)

1st July – Summary Report sent home

5th July – Last day of the year!

That’s why Jesus came.  Jesus chose to lay down his life for us!  He came as our Shepherd. He came to lead us and teach us and keep us safe and give us everything we need to live a good and healthy life. He came and served with his whole life. We are happy sheep, because our God, our shepherd, laid down his life for us, and then picked it up again! Jesus is alive today, and he lives in us when we choose to listen to and follow him. John 10:3 tells us that the sheep know the shepherd’s voice and follow him. We need to listen to Jesus voice by reading the Bible, going to church, and praying. We are his well loved and well cared for sheep when we follow him.

Matthew Robinson, Headteacher

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Marisa (1st)

Nuo Yi (14th)

Nohlan (30th)

School Trip!

On Thursday we all enjoyed a terrific visit to Winchester Science Center. The children all enjoyed the opportunity to broaden their STEM knowledge by interacting with all of the exhibits. The children also took part in two Discovery workshops run by specialist staff from the Science Center. We were all lucky enough to watch an interactive show in the centre’s Planetarium. Please ask your children all about it.

Celebration Assembly

Mission Heart Winners:

Kassidy, Marisa and Ayesha


Learners of the Week:

Connie, Oliver and Japji

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£500 referral

Parents are reminded that we
currently offer a referral process
where you can be rewarded £500 off your fees for the successful referral of a new pupil .

Please speak to Mr Robinson for more details.